Welcome to well+vita

A nutritional supplement brand created to help you feel your best, easily.

Our expertly crafted nutritional formulas contain the highest quality, most absorbable, highly effective nutrients to help you feel your best. Manufactured in the United States and rigorously tested to ensure purity and potency.

We zeroed in on the nutrients your body craves to effectively address your basic health concerns with maximum benefit. Backed by thorough research and 35 years of experience, we’re here to bring you the highest quality nutrition, simplified.

Who’s behind well+vita?

The well+vita brand was created by Wellness Resources, a family-owned nutritional supplement company with 35 years of experience formulating superior quality supplements for optimal health.  

Since 1985, Wellness Resources has held the highest standards for science-based nutritional supplements. We know quality makes a huge difference in the results you see.

So, why start well+vita?

We have a long history of helping people with a wide variety of health concerns, including complicated health problems. Our Wellness Resources product line is comprehensive, with more than 100 products, and each has a different purpose.

well+vita is a streamlined product line with no-compromise, all-in-one formulations—designed to provide the most possible benefit to the most people.

Each product is full of scientifically validated nutrients in effective amounts. Nutrients with established track records—shown to be effective, well-tolerated, and safe. One formula for each benefit. No guess work or confusion. Nutrition for everybody. Simplified.